We envision a future where communities build technology infrastructure that reflect their values.

Strategic Support for Public Technology

We are a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting open collaboration in public interest technology through fiscal sponsorship and other programs supporting sustainable open source.

Sponsored Projects

We bring together innovative projects committed to the public good and provide them with financial and administrative and strategic support. We support communities across domains, enabling projects to learn from each other to develop future-facing solutions that empower people. We are looking for projects that want to participate in our community, who value collaboration over competition, and who are aligned with our mission.

Digital Infrastructure Incubator

Rooted in CS&Sā€™s work building community and pathways to sustainability for open source projects in the service of the public interest, the Digital Infrastructure Incubator holds space for projects to imagine possibility and implement strategy around sustainability, governance, and community health. The program intervenes in the landscape of research on sustainability in digital infrastructure by working to bridge scholarly and policy research and open source projects in practice.