About CS&S

Open source software is a critical component of many public interest technologies. However, running a sustainable open source project is about more than good code. Projects need support beyond software development throughout their lifetimes. Across industries, people are working to re-imagine systems that allow ideas and data to flow freely, but these groups work in isolation. There is a clear need for services and supportive community spaces to set conditions for success and develop leaders in open source projects across domains.

Connect with us on Twitter, email us at [email protected], or join our mailing list. Our team has experience in leading, mentoring, and fiscally sponsoring projects in the public interest. We offer programs and services designed to elevate the ecosystem, including:

  • Fiscal sponsorship bundled with strategic project support
  • Services for projects that build management, leadership, and fundraising skills
  • Services for funders focused on evaluating sustainability of investments in open source to maximize impact
  • Inclusive spaces for people to connect across domains and share knowledge
  • Support for the development of diverse leaders

Collaborative Communities

We develop open resources to support the public interest technology community and advocate for open infrastructure. We also facilitate collaborations between organizations and provide strategic support to community-driven initiatives engaging with technology.

We bring together innovative projects committed to the public good and provide them with financial and administrative and strategic support. We support communities across domains, enabling projects to learn from each other to develop future-facing solutions that empower people. We are looking for projects that want to participate in our community, who value collaboration over competition, and who are aligned with our mission.