Operations Coordinator, People

Title: Operations Coordinator

Position Type: Full time, 40hrs per week


  • 60k-70k USD annual salary
  • Health insurance, retirement match, and other benefits
  • Unlimited PTO, we encourage a minimum of 1 week vacation per quarter


  • Remote in USA and select countries, CS&S is a fully distributed organization
  • Available for meetings between 10am-2pm PST (West Coast US)
  • Occasional travel for CS&S staff meetings (1-2x per year)

Manager: Senior Operations Manager

Apply here. Email any questions to hiring at codeforsociety.org. We will begin reviewing applications by May 23rd.

Position Description

Operations Coordinator, People

The operations team at CS&S provides cross-functional support to our programs and fiscally sponsored projects. In this position, you will be responsible for administration and coordination of people joining, working with, and leaving the CS&S community including employees, vendors, governing body committee members, volunteers, members of our Board of Directors, and other community members engaged in formal relationships with CS&S.

  • Employees

    • Coordinate with our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for US-based employees.
    • Coordinate with our Employers of Record (EOR) for International employees.
    • Assist new or potential employees in understanding benefits and other HR-related matters.
    • Prepare offer letters in coordination with program staff.
    • Facilitate onboarding and offboarding of employees.
  • Vendor Management

    • Track status of inbound contracts and facilitate work with new vendors.
    • Provide primary point of contact for vendor questions.
  • Volunteers, Committee Members, and the CS&S Board of Directors

    • Coordinate processes related to onboarding and offboarding of volunteers, project advisory committees, and the CS&S Board.
    • Collaborate with CS&S team to ensure that onboarding and offboarding processes are well documented at all levels of engagement.
  • Record Keeping & Data Management

    • Facilitate proper record keeping for employment, contract documents, and other data on personnelle.
    • Support operational transparency for CS&S through record keeping and documentation, and timely transparent sharing of processes, forms, and documentation when possible
    • Ensure data is kept up-to-date, facilitate new entries, and coordinate any needs around using personnel data.
    • Maintain records related to volunteer activities in CS&S projects and programs.
    • Support CS&S Board of Directors in record keeping, transparency, and data management in collaboration with the executive team.
  • Process Development

    • Identify and initiate improvements to operational processes around employment offers, onboarding, and ongoing employee and HR management.
    • Document processes for contract management and employee administration.

What you will bring

  • 1-3 years experience in HR or administration.
  • The ability to communicate clearly in multiple modes of written communication, including email, slack, process guides, and other documentation.
  • A talent for supporting people through new processes via written, asynchronous communication methods.
  • The ability to communicate clearly with international community members and people whose first language is not English.
  • Experience with HR management, especially using service providers such as Professional Employer Organizations and/or Employers of Record.
  • Ability to be self-directed and accountable for areas of responsibility.
  • Interest in using data to track and improve core operational processes.

Areas of impact

  • New employee experience

    • As one of the first points of contact for new or potential employees for both CS&S staff and fiscally sponsored projects, you’ll provide clear communication about what CS&S provides to employees and how we endeavor to support people in our community.
  • Welcoming people to the CS&S community

    • You’ll be the primary contact from the operations team for getting new community members onboarded, including vendors, board members, and advisory committee members.
  • Organizational excellence

    • Identify and develop areas of improvement for operational processes around employee and people management.
    • Participate in strategic planning.
    • Contribute to the CS&S annual report by collecting data on contract and employee retention, diversity, and equity.

Areas for growth

  • We are a small and growing team with opportunities for professional development and advancement within our organization. A strong candidate will be interested in developing their skills in one of the following areas:

    • Human resources for distributed and international teams.
    • Vendor management and negotiation.
    • Using data to measure impact related to CS&S goals regarding employees and contracts.

Compensation: 60,000 - 70,000 USD plus benefits. CS&S salaries are set at fixed levels based on the position's responsibility. This role is scoped as an Operations Coordinator level position (60k USD) or potentially Operations Manager (70k USD) for a more experienced new hire. Compensation and promotion metrics are outlined in CS&S’s compensation and promotion philosophy documents. Note: the salary levels will be raised to match cost of living changes in our next budget cycle, effective at the start of the fiscal year July 1, 2022.

Work Location & Environment

  • Management & Team

    • This position reports to the Senior Operations Manager.
    • You’ll be a part of the growing operations team at CS&S.
  • Location & Time

    • We are a fully distributed organization (and have been since our founding), all work is done remotely.
    • We can hire in all US states and select countries through our Employer of Record.
    • While the majority of the team is on Pacific Time, you can be in any time zone that has 2-4hrs overlap with CS&S staff located across US time zones.
  • This position offers employee benefits, including health insurance and retirement. Upon request, we can provide specific insurance providers and benefits packages based on your location.

  • CS&S is committed to addressing systemic inequality. We exist in a time and place in our world where vast systemic inequality has been brought to the fore through Black Lives Matter, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Climate Change. With the inability for many opt-out, we must consider how our day-to-day work furthers these inequalities. This may be uncomfortable, especially if you've benefited from the existing systems. We try to lean into that discomfort. Read more about how we've started to examine our own organization through an anti-racist lens.

About CS&S

Code for Science & Society (CS&S) is a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting open collaboration in public interest technology through fiscal sponsorship and other programs supporting sustainable open source. We envision a future where communities build technology infrastructure that reflect their values. We work for this future by running a Sponsored Project Program where fiscal sponsorship is bundled with strategic support and a Collaborative Communities program that seeks to bring transparency to the public interest tech ecosystem.