Danielle Robinson, PhD
President & Co-Executive Director
Open science advocate and data enthusiast who believes in the power of open communities, former neuroscience researcher.
Joe Hand
Co-Executive Director
Developer, product manager, researcher, and open data enthusiast. Previously managed an effort at the Santa Fe Institute to transform data collection in informal settlements worldwide.
Mathias Buus
Technical Advisor
Lead developer on Dat project. Programmer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Co-creator of and co-founder of
Keith Chreston
Over 30 years experience as a senior financial executive and consultant with several businesses and non-profit organizations. He is a CPA (inactive) and former auditor with Ernst & Young.
Max Ogden
Software Engineer
Programmer based in Portland, OR, founder of the Dat Project and Code for Science and Society.
Kaitlin Thaney
Board Chair
Endowment Director at Wikimedia Foundation and an experienced advocate for open access to content, data, research.
Kristen Ratan
Board Member
Co-Founder of the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, on a mission to evolve how knowledge is created, produced, and shared.
Waldo Jaquith
Board Member
Technical lead in 18F Acquisitions' state and local practice, previously Director of U.S. Open Data, Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, and member of Project Open Data advisory team.
Karissa McKelvey
Board Member
Software engineer for Digital Democracy, Dat Project team alumni, open source software developer, writer, project manager, and activist supporting an equitable web.
Josh Greenberg, PhD
Board Advisor
Director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Digital Information Technology program.