Becoming a CS&S Project

Becoming a CS&S Project

What is a fiscal sponsor? Check out this post on the OSAOS blog:
What kind of projects does CS&S host?
What does a project get for the fiscal sponsorship fee?
Why does CS&S fiscally sponsor projects?
How are fiscally sponsored projects governed?

The Process for Becoming a CS&S Project

Becoming a fiscally sponsored project can take a month or six months, depending on the existing structure of a project. Generally, the process looks like this:

  • Project expresses interest in joining CS&S. We evaluate based on project funding, mission alignment, and impact on project and CS&S.
  • Project leader(s) meet with CS&S executive directors to understand long-term mission alignment and project strategy.
  • After both parties agree the relationship will be mutually beneficial we move on to the more formal steps.
  • Project creates an advisory committee and establishes bylaws.
  • CS&S does due-diligence on project financial statements, fundraising strategy, and value alignment.
  • Project leader submits application package to CS&S
  • CS&S board approves project.
  • Project advisory committee signs CS&S agreement and policies (below).
  • We announce and begin the on-boarding process!

FSP Agreement & Policies